Love? Actually... Lighting Design

Nathan Schroeder

R-S Theatrics presented a three-part evening of entertainment called Love? Actually... in September 2016. This consisted of a cabaret, followed by the short opera Thyrsis and Amaranth, followed by the short musical 21 Chump Street.

The set designer gave me a white backdrop for the first two segments, on which I played with various colors: blue for a comic segment and blue and lavender for sung segments in the cabaret; and lavender for the opera, shading slowly toward blue as the mood saddens. For the musical, the lighting focused on supporting the story, using the standard techniques. Here are a few pictures:

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Cabaret comedy (Colleen Backer):

Cabaret song (Sarajane Alvorson):

Thyrsis and Amaranth, opening:

Thursis and Amaranth, ending:

21 Chump Street: